David Hulme - A Voice To Trust

Versatile, credible and reassuring


I’m David Hulme and I hope that I may be able to help you with an articulate, enthusiastic and convincing received pronunciation voiceover

I have a personal recording facility, if required, the quality and standard of which this is an example

You can hear various and different treatments below and I do hope you find something of interest.

Thank you.

Custom Demo

I am, of course, more than pleased to send an audition recording from your particular script, by return and without charge.




Short Films



David has over 40 years of senior corporate experience and has conducted very many live and remote presentations in his capacity as a sales and marketing director and as a self employed online entrepreneur and consultant.

He has considerable stage and audio experience and welcomes this late career development, in an area he knows and loves.

He is married and lives in leafy Cheshire, but is available globally for work !